Where can I go? What can I do?

There a bunch of things you can do in Wollongong if you’d like a break from the conference. One place you can go to is the Wollongong Botanic Gardens. It’s literally right across from UoW, it’s very big and has lots of different sections (including a rose garden, succulent section and a lil mini rainforest), and also has a few outdoor libraries it’s really cute I love it.

North Wollongong beach also exists if you like swimming in really cold water in the middle of winter. There’s also a nice walk near the Wollongong lighthouse, which is right next to North Wollongong beach and also probably warmer and less wet. There used to be a dippin dots close by but it’s closed now and I miss it terribly (R.I.P.).

If you like walking long distances there’s a fairly large mountain called Mount Keira which you can walk up (it’s 5.5km and should take about three and a half to four and a half hours to do). The view is apparently quite good but I wouldn’t know.   

If you prefer to not walk long distances and stand around looking at art instead (or do both I’m not your dad), Wollongong has a nice art gallery you can go to, which is a 10 minute walk from Wollongong station (or you can get the free bus- get off at the Burelli Street Arts Precinct stop).

Further away from central Wollongong, the Nan Tien Temple is a Buddhist temple which you can walk around. It has a garden, a museum on the history of the temple, and a (free!!) vegetarian cafe. I went there once on a school excursion and I had a good time, so year 3 me would recommend it. There are also a number of surrounding suburbs including Kiama (which has a blowhole and is just generally very nice), and Port Kembla (which has a DOG BEACH).