Social Events

Welcome-Gong (alcohol free)/ Monday Night 6pm-9:30pm/ Building 20 Foyer   

A hastily created and then incredibly well received combination of the words “Welcome” and “Wollongong”. This is our “get to know a small to medium sized chunk of delegates” event.
Possible activities include (but certainly are not limited to):

-> Sitting down on a chair

-> Sitting down on the floor

-> Wondering loudly “who gendered these toilets?” while looking at said gendered toilets

-> Actively staying hydrated

-> Silently checking your phone at regular intervals out of habit more than anything else


Games Night (alcohol free)/ Tuesday Night 6pm-9:30pm/ Wellbeing Hub, Building 11, room 125

If you enjoy playing board games with friends and/ or strangers then this event will suite you perfectly. If you don’t enjoy playing board games with friends and/ or strangers then this event might not suite you perfectly.


Performance Night/ Wednesday Night 6:30pm-9:30pm/ Unibar

We can confirm the performance night will be fun and exciting probably involve performing and/ or music. It’s being held in collaboration with Pride Tide, a group which organises concerts and social events for LGBTQIA+ people in Wollongong.


Let’s Eat Street!/ Thursday Night 6:30pm-9pm/ Crown Street Mall

If you were looking for an event that is a regular feature of Wollongong Nightlife this is the event for you! Wollongong Eat Street Markets take place each Thursday between 5pm and 9pm along the Western End of Crown Street Mall and is a place where local people, restaurants and the like come together to eat, talk about eating and just have a generally nice time. Don’t worry if you have dietary requirements, there’s usually 2-3 things that you will be willing and able to eat.

Also as an additional option, down the road from Crown Street Mall is the Illawarra Hotel, which on Thursday Nights hosts “Retro Night”* and is a fairly alright place to have a boogie if you are into that kind of thing.
*In the writer’s opinion, Retro is a bit of a stretch but technically accurate for the music played at aforementioned “Retro Night”.


Queer Movie Night (alcohol free)/ Friday Night 6:00pm-9:30pm/ Building 67, room 107

 So we don’t know what movie we’ll be showing yet BUT we can guarantee it will be queer and probably delightful (or maybe not idk).  


Final Party/ Saturday Night 7pm-Midnight/ Towradgi Surf Club

The final party this year will be held at the Towradgi Surf Club, chosen for it’s proximity to the beach and more importantly the Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort. Come on down for a night of (likely) frivolity, (possible) dancing and (potentially) mild-moderate antics!