Getting around Wollongong

Getting Around Wollongong


The main places you’ll need to use the train to get to are the Wollongong, North Wollongong, Fairy Meadow and Towradgi stations. There are some other places surrounding Wollongong such as Kiama that you might like to go to, which you can also get to via train. All trains on the Wollongong line have toilets, all stations mentioned here have portable boarding ramps, all stations except for Fairy Meadow and Towradgi have lifts and hearing loops, and all stations except Towradgi have tactile tiles.


You’ll primarily be using buses to get to around while you’re in Wollongong. Wollongong has a free bus, which does a loop of the city, starting and ending at UOW, and stopping at Wollongong mall, Wollongong train station and (on weekends) North Wollongong train station (among other stops). The 55C does a clockwise loop, while the 55A goes anti clockwise. On weekdays the free bus runs every 10 minutes from 7am to 6pm, and every 20 minutes from 6pm to 10pm. On weekends the bus runs every 20 minutes from 8am to 6pm. The primary bus used for the free bus is wheelchair accessible.

UOW also has a free shuttle bus service. The North Gong shuttle operates from 7:30am to 10pm on weekdays, and is wheelchair accessible. It stops at North Wollongong station, and is scheduled to meet most trains arriving at the station.

To get to the accommodation (201 Pioneer Road, Fairy Meadow) after catching the train from the city, you can get off at either Towradgi or Fairy Meadow station if you’re catching an all stops train. If you get off at Towradgi station, it’s a 13 minute walk to the accommodation. Alternatively, if you get off at Fairy Meadow, walk to the Elliotts Road bus stop (4 minute walk) get the 3 bus (wheelchair accessible- also you’ll have to pay for this bus), get off at the Murranar Cr near Murranar Road bus stop, then walk 6 minutes to the accommodation.

If you’re not catching an all stops train your train won’t stop at Towradgi or Fairy Meadow, so you can get off at Wollongong station (or get off here if you don’t want to pay for the bus from the Fairy Meadow station) and catch the 55A, get off at the Squires Way before Elliot’s Road bus stop (17 minute bus ride), then walk to the accommodation from there (about a 15 minute walk). You’ll need to do this walk to get to the bus stop that’ll take you to UOW, so if you have accessibility issues that prevent you from from walking for this long, let us know and we can arrange an alternative for you.


To get to UOW from the accommodation, you’ll need to walk to the Squires Way before Elliot’s Road bus stop, then catch the 55A and get off at UOW Northfields Ave (11 minutes). If you don’t want to walk for 15 minutes, you can get the 8 bus (also wheelchair accessible) from the Murranar Cr near Pioneer Road bus stop, which is a 6 minute walk from the accommodation (you’ll just have to pay for this bus), then get off at the Elliotts Road before Grafton Street bus stop, and get a 55A from there.

To get to UOW after catching the train from the city, you’ll need to get off at North Wollongong station then get a UOW shuttle bus, or get off at Wollongong station and get a 55C.


Pictured. From Towradgi Station (Left) or Fairy Meadow Station (Right)  to Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort via Walking

Pictured: Fairy Meadow Station to Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort Via the 3 Bus

Pictured: From Accommodation to the University, Via Bus (Top) and Via just the Free Bus (Bottom)