Fun Facts about UoW (campus info)

The Main buildings being used for QC are:

Building 19 for Workshops, most lunches and Social/Quiet spaces 

Building 67 for Autonomous Caucuses/Caucii/Caucoose 

Building 20 for Opening Conference Floor 

Building 14 for AQSN AGM / Conference Floor 

Building 38 for Conference Floor 


The main Gender Neutral Bathroom on Campus is in Building 19, across from room 19-1001. Other Gender Neutral Bathrooms exist in Buildings 25 and 22, which are near building 67.

There is a Women’s space on the ground level of Building 19, and a prayer room in the Islamic Education Centre in Building 50.

All these buildings have lifts and are wheelchair accessible except for building 50 which does not have lifts or wheelchair accessibility. Additionally, buildings 14 and 38 don’t have automatic opening doors so we’re going to try and keep it open with a chair when we use it for conference floor. However, if this doesn’t work or you have any other issues accessing the building, please feel free to ask a QCOC member to help. Buildings 20, 14 and 38 have hearing loops available.  

Below are a set of maps of building 19 because, as anyone from UoW will probably tell you, building 19 is difficult to navigate at the best of times. There are also a plethora of maps in building 19 if you get lost.