The purpose of enthusiastic consent is to encourage communication and ensure everyone involved in a particular situation actively wants to participate. It moves consent away from a ‘No means No’ model to a ‘Yes means Yes’ model. It’s essential you get explicit and enthusiastic consent before touching someone in any way, not just before sexual activity. This includes before hugging, touching someone’s hair, or touching someone’s clothes. If someone gives you consent to do one thing (e.g. to hug them) this doesn’t give you permission to do other things (kiss them, touch them inappropriately etc). Not everyone will have the same comfort level as you- just because you may be comfortable with certain activities or situations, doesn’t necessary mean everyone else will be. Try and keep this in mind and think about how your actions may affect others.

Sexual assault will not be tolerated at QC, and if you do sexually assault some at the conference, you will be asked to leave. If someone gives consent and then changes their mind, you do not have consent. If someone is drunk, or their ability to consent is impaired in any other way, you do not have consent. If you are not good with respecting people’s boundaries when you’re drunk, consider not drinking or getting a friend to watch you and make sure you’re not doing anything inappropriate. If someone does touch you inappropriately, or is not respecting your boundaries, you can talk to a grievance officer if you feel comfortable doing so, and they will deal with the matter.  

It is also important to ask for consent before you take a photo of someone at QC, and before you post photos of people at QC on the internet. Many people at QC may not be out, or just might not feel comfortable being in photos.

Make sure you also have a conversation with the people you are sharing a room with about whether it is going to be a social space or a space where alcohol is consumed, and whether it will be a no sex space. Some people may not want their room used in these ways, so respect your roommates if they do not feel comfortable with certain things happening in your room.